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Held at the Princess Grace Theater (Salle du Ponant) in Monaco and part of the event Grace, A Symbol of Change, this MINI Film Festival organized by Ladies & The City in collaboration with Women Make Movies (New York), offered five documentaries and a workshop on the theme "Can Documentaries Change the World? Assessing and Harnessing the Social Impact of Nonfiction Film." WMM staff and filmmakers were in attendance, thanks to our sponsor MINI.

The Mini Film Festival which was made possible through the generosity of Bac Monte Carlo (Dealer Mini and BMW in Monaco) took place at:

Théâtre Princesse Grace

Saturday September 15 from 10am to 6pm

Come join us :

> Watch five flagship documentaries.

> Meet and chat with documentaries filmmakers.

> Participate in the workshop on the topic Can Documentaries change the world ? moderated by Women Make Movies team.

> Discover in the theater foyer an exhibition of unpublished photos from the archives of the Venice Film Festival.

Come on 15 to share this very special event.


9:45 Opening of the theater doors

10:00 Justice for Sale

11:30 Invoking Justice

1:30 p.m. Poetry of Resilience

2:15 p.m. The Price of Sex

3:30 p.m. Sarabah

4:45 p.m. Workshop "Documentaries Can Change the World?"

Mini Film Festival
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